Pizza refrigerator with three doors – 744

4.000,00 2.400,00

VAT and transportation costs aren’t included in the price



Three GN 1/1 doors
With one grill to each door

Capacity: 480 lt

With cold storage for 11 GN 1/3 with a depth of 15 cm (not included)

With granite work surface

Power / Voltage: 550 W / 230 V

Dimensions: 200 x 80 x 106 cm

Spanish-made Macfrin


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Pizza refrigerator with three doors – 744

The pizza refrigerator with 3 doors – 744 is manufactured in the Spanish factory named Macfrin. Professional pizza refrigerator with 3 doors and 3 shelves, with a capacity of 480 lt. With granite work surface. It also has a digital electronic thermometer – thermostat and an ON-OFF switch. The interior of the refrigerator is designed with rounded corners for easy cleaning. With power of only 550 W and dimensions of 200 x 80 x 106 cm.

Pizza Refrigerator 200 cm with 3 doors in OFFER!

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