Dish & glass washing machine with basket 35 x 35-LVC 12

1.246,00 748,00

VAT and transportation costs aren’t included in the price



Production/time: 1.200 pieces/hour

Capacity (max): 300 plates/hour (19 cm diameter)

Basket: 35 x 35 cm

Power/Voltage: 2,66 kW/ 230 V

Measurements (MxBxY): 43 x 47,5 x 65 cm

FAGOR made in Spain

Dish & Glass Washing Machine with basket 35 x 35 – LVC 12

The professional Dish & Glass Washing Machine with basket 35×35-LVC is made at the Spanish factory named FAGOR. It contains a 35×35 basket for the washing of glasses and plates with a diameter of maximum 19 cm. You are allowed to wash maximum 300 plates in an hour despite the small size of it with exterior measurements of: 43 x 47,5 x 65 cm. The dish and glass washing machine Fagor LVC 12 is single phase (230 V) with power of only 2.66 kW.

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